Are you recording any more CDs?

More are being planned.


What other projects are you working on?

I am writing a non-fiction book on the Jack, The Ripper” murders.


What stands out at the most interesting, most unique, most enjoyable experiences you’ve had?

·        I played the United Nations, once with soprano Elena Czerny, once with my father in a cello/piano duet, and as a soloist.

·        I played Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and most of the major halls in New York City.

·        In 1972 I toured with the musical “1776 with Dean Jones and Hugh O’Brien.

·        I’ve been the ballet pianist for Melissa Hayden, Violette Verde, and various other dancers and ballet schools.

·        When I was eighteen, I played the piano for the Sunday services at the Progressive Holiness Church in Long Island, New York.

·        I gave a formal concert in a gas station in New York City that was featured on Tom Snyder’s Eyewitness News”.

·        From 1978 to 1987 I toured several British and American army bases and international schools.

·        I performed the Carmina Burana under the direction of Randall Thompson.

·        In 1979 I substituted for another pianist and with no advance notice, flew to Berlin for a tour of six major cities in ten days, to critical acclaim.

·        In 1973 and 1975 I gave a series of concerts at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey.

·        I played in mountaintop hotels in Switzerland, in a castle in Harlaxton, England, and gave a recital on the Island of Rhodes in Greece.

·        In 1981 and again in 1982, I played in the Beethoven Festival in Long Island, New York.

·        I was the artist in residence in Dubuque in 1982 as a piano solo, and again in 1983, this time with my father as a cello/piano duo.

·        Some of the piano music heard on the movie Friday, the 13th was played by me.

·        Since 1962 I have performed with professional orchestras as well as with community orchestras.


In which countries have you performed?

I’ve performed in England, Norway, Holland, Belgium, France, Greece, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, and of course, across the United States.


What have been your some of your recent important events?

·        2007 – Schubert Club, Courtroom Concert Series

·        2008 – Arkansas Tour

·        2009 – Beethoven Festival in Winona, Minnesota

·        2010 – National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC

·        2011 – Boat show in Okoboji, Iowa


What are your fondest childhood memories?

When I was a child, I played under my grandmother’s piano. That piano became my piano when I was seven years old and was allowed to begin piano lessons. I loved hearing the beautiful, glorious way my father played the cello. I grew up around beautiful music and talented, interesting people, but in case you think I didn’t have any “fun”, I loved baseball and I still do. I hit home runs when I was twelve and thirteen years old, in Little League. Other favorite memories include being at Jones Beach and Fire Island and walking along the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. I regularly visited the Museum of Natural History’s fifth floor to visit my friends, the dinosaurs. 

“If you really want to know about Ian Shapinsky as a performer, imagine him giving a wonderful concert on top of a beautiful mountain in Switzerland, castles in Europe, a culture barn in Germany with animals, TV and radio stations in different countries, many school auditoriums for kids in many countries, famous concert halls, libraries, museums, outdoor tents, private homes, theaters, a gas station in Queens, and the United Nations.”