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Piano Virtuoso:

1.     Alberto Ginastera, Sonata #1 1952

          Allegro Marcato

          Presto Misterioso

          Adagio Molto Appassionato

          Ruvido ed Ostinato

2.     My Joys, Polish Sonata #1, Chopin arranged by Liszt

3.     Niccolo Paganini – Franz Liszt Etude #3

          La Campanella

4.     Shostakovich, Prelude and Fugue #1 in C Major

5.     Alexandre Scriabine, Sonata #5 Opus 53

6.     Alexandre Scriabine, Poeme Opus 32 #1

7.     Claude Debussy, Etude pour les huits doigts (Study for 8 fingers)

8.     Chopin, Etude Opus 10 #4 in C Sharp Minor

9.     Chopin, Etude Opus 25 #12 in C Minor

10.  Chopin, Opus 15 #2 Nocturne in F Sharp Major

11.  Chopin, Etude Opus 25 #3 in F Major


Live in Concert (CD 1):

1.     Scarlatti Sonatas

          B Minor

          C Minor

          D Major

2.     Bach – Liszt Fantasy & Fugue in G Minor

3.     Chopin Ballade #1 in G Minor

4.     Berceuse, Op. 57 Scherzo #1 in B Minor


Live in Concert (CD 2):

1.     Bartok Sonata 1926 1st Movement, 2nd Movement, and 3rd Movement

2.     Liszt Un Sospiro

3.     Rachmaninoff Etudes Op. 33 #2 and #6

4.    Liapunoff, Lesghinka

5.     Scriabine, Nocturne for the Left Hand, Moskowski, Erincelles


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“BEETHOVEN FESTIVAL: PIANIST WOWS CROWD by Terry Rindfleisch, LaCrosse Tribune


WINONA – Crowds love the piano fireworks of Ian Shapinsky.


And so did the Minnesota Beethoven Festival crowd Saturday, giving the pianist standing ovations which led to two encores in the Recital Hall of Winona State University’s Fine Arts Center.


Shapinsky is a fine, experienced musician who has the technical skills to take on any repertoire challenge. His playing is flamboyant and exciting with a showmanship flair.


His program for the festival was wonderful and was a study in sonata contrasts. He opened with the light-hearted and beautiful Mozart “Sonata in B-flat Major” and followed with Alberto Ginastera’s First Sonata, a 20th century piece with complex harmonics and rhythms which showed off Shapinsky’s technical virtuosity.


But Shapinsky displayed his musical depth with Beethoven’s “Waldstein” Sonata, which has one of the most lovely melodies for any sonata. The Beethoven Sonata was worth the price of admission, and it was Shapinsky’s best piece.


Shapinsky, who has been performing professionally for more than forty years touring in the U.S. and Europe, followed up during the second half with some gorgeous repertoire – pieces by Brahms, Chopin, and Scriabine. Liszt’s Sixth Hungarian Rhapsody was a grand finale.”